2018 JUNIPER and YU’s Top Holiday Gift Picks


Posted on November 07 2018

Mmm ‘tis the season for hot apple pies, warm drinks, and cozy nights next to the fireplace.  It’s gift-giving season and we’re already gleaming with the holiday spirit! Preparing for the holidays is a joyous and exciting time for all of us but it can also be a bit overwhelming.  With so many things to do, a lot of us often find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to get things done right before Christmas Day arrives.   Despite the hustle and bustle during the holiday season, Christmas shopping doesn’t have be stressful.  We want to make this year’s shopping easier for you so, we’ve put together our Holiday Gift List of skincare delicacies that are clean, green, and cruelty-free -- perfect for both men and women on your gift-giving list this year.  


Tao Radiance Jade Roller Gift Set

You’ve probably heard a lot about jade rollers lately and you’re most likely wondering what the fuss is all about. So, here’s what you need to know about them.  For centuries in China, jade stones have been long-guarded treasures by Chinese royalty and were considered a secret weapon to looking youthful. So what can these jade rollers do for your skin?  These miracle jade tools from Tao Radiance can help brighten the skin’s complexion, diminish the appearance of fine lines, tighten the skin, calm skin irritations, even out the complexion, detoxify, increase blood circulation, depuff the face via lymphatic drainage, and define cheekbones and jawlines.


jade face roller set with mini jade roller

These precious tools have made a major comeback and are now a modern-day beauty favorite.  For only $39, this jade roller set makes a luxurious yet affordable gift for anyone on your list.  Every jade roller is carefully carved, polished and assembled with the utmost care.  No two jade rollers are the same which makes each jade roller unique in color and cut.  Plus, each set comes with a free mini jade roller, a velvet storage pouch, and an illustrated how-to booklet. 


Moonlit Skincare Ultimate Sleep Kit

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep.  Getting some good ol' shut-eye is essential to our health and wellbeing but at times, we can find it difficult to fall asleep when bedtime rolls around.  The Ultimate Sleep Kit from Moonlit Skincare is a must for all your beauty sleep needs.  These products are designed to sync with the science of sleep and are uniquely formulated with natural, potent ingredients to deliver results overnight.  Research shows that quality sleep is essential to great skin, so Moonlit Skincare created a line of skin products that emphasize the importance of nighttime skincare and sleep wellness.  The Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil is their best seller for good reason.  It works throughout the night to moisturize, plump, soften, and smooth uneven skin tone while natural scents of lavender help you wind down, calm the mind, and prepare you for a good night's rest.  For only $100, the Ultimate Sleep Kit comes with a full-sized Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil, a 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask, and a 100% Mulberry Silk Standard Pillow Case.  Now that's a deal.  This kit makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list, including yourself!



Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask Set

Sheet masks have become an essential part of our beauty routines at home.  With thousands of different sheet masks out there in the market, it can be hard to know which ones are effective and safe to use.  Look no more.  We found a sheet mask that not only is effective but contains no harmful chemicals that can be extremely toxic to your skin and health.  The Organic Sheet Mask Set from Orgaid makes a great gift for any skincare lover.  This multipack contains a total of 6 signature sheet masks and is a great starter kit to try a variety of sheet masks from Orgaid.  Made of USDA certified organic ingredients and free from all chemical preservatives, these sheet masks are a safe and healthy alternative to other face masks out there.



Purearth Pure Indulgence Body Set (JUNIPER and YU exclusive)

Wow that special someone with this ultra luxurious body set from Purearth, an artisanal skincare and wellness brand rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.  This set contains full-sized, award-winning beauty and wellness products that not only nourish your skin from head to toe but also melt away stress and fatigue from within.

The Pure Indulgence Body Gift Set includes:

  • Bitter Apricot Body & Hair Oil 3.4 oz / 100 ml
  • Himalayan Salt Body Polish 3.5 oz / 100 g
  • Detoxifying Wild Nettle Tisane Tea 3.5 oz / 100 g
  • Balancing Raw Honey Face & Body Bar 3.5 oz / 100 g

It’s a complete luxurious spa package that’ll make a perfect statement gift for someone really special on your list this year.



Holistic Hustler Dreams & Awaken Tea Set

Time for tea! This loose-leaf, herbal tea set from Holistic Hustler is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.  It comes with two full-sized bags of signature teas that promote a holistic approach to wellness. Why do we love these teas so much?  Continue reading about the benefits of each!


“Dreams” Herbal Tea

Carefully blended with organic mugwort, skullcap, chamomile, and lemon balm, this calming tea helps to ease tension, quiet the nerves, and melt away stress right before bed.  With its mildly sedative effect, this tea helps restore and optimize your sleep cycle.  Brew a cup at night and enjoy a deep, blissful sleep.  


“Awaken” Herbal Tea

Made with organic guayusa, this super leaf provides focused energy, mental clarity, and alertness.  With twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as coffee.  Better yet, it's rich in amino acids and vitamins to support your immune system, boost metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce bloating and suppress unhealthy food cravings. 




Multi-Tasking Lip Butters for the Winter

What’s better than having smooth, kissable lips?  With the dry winter weather soon approaching, our lip care picks makes the perfect little holiday gift to help heal chapped pouts.  


Mini Care Lip Butter

Made with 100% natural and 100% organic or wild harvested ingredients, this buttery lip potion from Akar Skin is formulated to repair even the of driest lips and contains nutrient-rich extracts and nourishing oils for intense hydration.  It soothes and conditions to keep lips hydrated and healthy all day long without having to constantly reapply.  What makes this lip butter stand out from other lip treatments you ask?  Traditional lip balms usually contain petroleum that actually dries out the skin.  Akar’s lip butter is formulated without petroleum and contains only the cleanest and most effective ingredients to heal chapped lips, cuticles, and elbows!



Ruby Tint Lip Butter

This ultra-healing ruby tint lip butter is formulated with the same combination of soothing and nutrient-rich ingredients found in Akar’s original Mini Care Lip Butter.  The difference?  It’s naturally tinted with alkanet root that leaves a subtle ruby red hue on the lips.  It’s perfect for a beautiful, natural, and festive look for the holidays.



Radiant Skin Set

Give the gift of radiant skin with the Radiant Skin Set from Mauli Rituals, an all natural beauty brand inspired by healing Ayurvedic principles.  This gorgeous gift set contains the ultimate skin treatments that both men and women would absolutely lust over.  Crafted with 100% all-natural and/or organic ingredients, the Radiant Skin Set will help repair, heal, brighten and clarify the skin from deep within.


The set includes:

  • Supreme Skin Face Serum 1 fl oz / 30 ml
  • Radiance Face Mask & Exfoliant 1 oz / 30 g



Akar Skin Full Skincare Gift Set 

One of our favorite picks for skincare gift sets for the holidays.  It’s a perfect way to say you love and appreciate someone.  This set comes with all the must-have essentials for your daily skin needs.  Each formulation contains the highest grade of natural ingredients and is incredibly effective.  You’d have to try for yourself to believe.  On a side note, we love the minimalistic design of Akar’s bottles and how gorgeous they look on any vanity.   



This Full Skincare Set includes:

  • Lush Balance Toning Mist 1.7 oz / 50 ml
  • Neat Remedy Face Oil 1 oz / 30 ml
  • Nutrient Boost Eye Serum .34 oz / 10 ml
  • Mini Care Lip Butter .24 oz / 7 ml

Need to make sure you get the right skincare set for the right skin type?  Don’t fret, we have you covered.


For Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin Types, click here.

For Dry/Normal Skin Types, click here.


If you think about it, Christmas is only 48 days away (gasp).  How crazy is that?!  We hope our Holiday Gift List gave you some good ideas so, what are you waiting for?  Let the holiday shopping begin!  



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