Fall Your Way Into Self-Care: 6 Feel-good Self-care Ideas for Autumn


Posted on October 31 2019


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There’s just something so deliciously intoxicating about the fall season.  The cool crisp air, the golden hues of autumn leaves, and the scent of spiced apple candles make us feel so warm and tingly inside. We rounded up 6 of our favorite fall-inspired self-care ideas that’ll make you gleam from head to toe.


1. Spend time outside. Fall season only comes once a year so savor as much of it as you can by spending more time outdoors. Going on brisk walks, indulging in warm chai lattes at your favorite cafe, and visiting your local farm to pick apples are a few activities that are not only fun but also stress-relieving.


2. Add scents to your home.  There is nothing more welcoming than the intoxicating smell of fall. The scent of festive candles burning, a fresh batch of pumpkin-spiced cookies baking in the oven and the aroma of your favorite essential oils filling the air is definitely a way to wake up your senses and spirit.


3. Cozy up your space. Winter is approaching, and with it comes chilly weather. Good news is that there are easy ways to cozify your space and make it more inviting. Illuminating your home with your favorite fall candles, lighting the fireplace (if you have one), hanging up a few string lights are some great ways to warm up any space.


4. Eat fall foods. Seasonal harvest fruits and vegetables (like butternut squash, sweet yams, cranberries, and persimmons) are super nutritious and great for relieving stress. There are tons of healthy and mouth-watering foods that are available that can make you feel just as festive and cozy as your pumpkin-based favorites. 


5. Host cozy get-togethers at home.  We all enjoy going out socializing with friends from time to time but instead of going outside to hang, why not spend time together indoors? Taking turns to host cozy hangout nights amongst your close friends is one way to make the fall season more festive and memorable.  Having bonfires in the backyard, whipping up delicious fall-inspired foods, watching movies or drinking seasonal beers/wines are some fun ways


6. Create a holiday “fun list”.   As the holiday season quickly approaches, try creating a list of fun and festive activities you’d like to do. Whether it’s staying at home to bake with a loved one or going to your local Christmas market, creating a fun list will help you enjoy and make the most of the holiday season.  


So, that concludes our 6 feel-good self-care ideas for the fall season. If you'd like to share other great fall-inspired self-care ideas with us, feel free to let us know in the comments below! We'd love to know! 

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