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Posted on April 30 2018

We're so honored to share our very first blog entry.  First and foremost, we want to deeply thank you for stopping by. It means so much to us and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your experience here at JUNIPER and YU.  We welcome you!

What’s our story?
Born out of her pursuit of clean beauty and holistic wellness, our founder, Kristine, dreamt of creating a space that embraces tradition but adding a touch of modern glow.  Her health struggles growing up was what truly inspired her to create JUNIPER and YU.  Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic practices played a tremendous role in her life since childhood and it's what pushed her to start our company. She journeyed across the searing hot deserts of her Las Vegas home to the natural wonders of Asia to unearth beauty secrets that have been used since ancient times. Trekking over mountainous terrains and cruising through exotic coastal waters, she went on a beauty expedition to learn more about the beauty rituals and healing practices of her ancestors.
What’s our philosophy?
Finding balance in the mind, body, and soul has been a fundamental part of traditional Asian culture and it’s become our beauty philosophy here at JUNIPER and YU.
“Beauty isn’t just about having beautiful skin. It’s about taking care of our inner being. When we’re healthy and balanced on the inside, we can look and feel amazing on the outside."
As self-proclaimed beauty and wellness fanatics, our purpose is to help elevate you from head to toe, inside out, and everything else in between. By using our own personal experiences as a guide, we’re here to inspire positive lifestyle changes and contribute to the long-term betterment of your health, beauty, and wellbeing. 
We’re incredibly honored to be here and we can hardly wait to begin a new journey of health, beauty, and wellness with all of you! We genuinely give our love and thanks for your support!
With love, 
Team JUNIPER and YU 

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