Traveling This Summer? 6 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself


Posted on July 21 2021

The beachside chillin’, coconut sippin’ season has finally arrived and what better way to kick off your summer-bound adventures than taking a long-awaited getaway trip? Traveling can be a great way to escape and recharge your internal batteries but jet-setting around the world can also be stressful on the body. 

With all the excitement surrounding your upcoming trip, the last thing you want to think about is your daily self-care regimen when you get there. From skincare to sleep, we created a simple guide to help address common issues that can arise when you’re globe-trotting. Whether you’re traveling locally or completely going off-grid, here are 6 self-care practices to help you feel and look your very best on any trip. 



 1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen Sunscreen!

Soaking up the sun is good for you but too much of it can be harmful to your delicate skin. Taking extra precautions like using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing can shield you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and help avoid sunburn.  Always apply sunscreen that’s at least SPF-30 and you should re-apply every 30-minutes, especially if you’re traveling around in super hot and sunny destinations (e.g. beach and desert).


 2. Swap alcohol + caffeine for water

Who doesn’t love sipping on cocktails while sunbathing on a tropical beach?  You definitely deserve a few indulgent cocktails but try to limit your alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake while vacationing.  Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration and fatigue, which is the last thing you want to experience when you’re trying to enjoy your time away.  So, stay hydrated while on the go and make sure you have access to safe drinking water at all times. 


 3. Take healthy, travel-friendly snacks with you

When it comes to healthy eating while traveling, the struggle is real.  Traveling can get you off track and cause you to fall out of your routine, especially when it comes to your eating habits. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to obsess over is food restrictions but when there are significant changes in your eating habits, you may experience some icky digestive issues.  A helpful way to avoid overindulging in unhealthy foods is to pack healthy, travel-friendly snacks along with you.  Nuts, dried fruits, granola, protein powders, and oatmeal cups are just a few snack options that are easy to pack and great to have with you during your trip.  Packing your own healthy travel snacks not only will help you resist the temptation to overindulge in unhealthy food choices, but also ensures you’ll stay on track. While this tip can help you eat a bit healthier while traveling, the most important thing is to not obsess over what you eat.  After all, it’s summer vacation and you deserve to enjoy life's culinary delicacies, but in moderation of course. 


 4. Take Vitamin C & D

The absolute worst thing that can happen to you while traveling is getting sick.  No one ever plans on being sick on a trip but it does happen, unfortunately.  One of the best ways to be in tip-top shape and stay healthy while you're on the go is to take vitamins C and D.  These vitamins play a part in keeping you healthy by promoting strong bones/tissues, contributing to your body's healing process and boosting your immune system.  So don’t forget to pack some vitamins in your travel bag.  Prevention is key!  (Note: If you're not sure what dosage is right for you, consult with your doctor first). 


 5. Keep your hands clean

Hate to say it but travelers are more susceptible to catching the bug.  Shared spaces and surfaces that are touched by a lot of people could pose a threat. From door handles and tray tables to public bathroom countertops, these are hot spots where germs thrive. To minimize your risk of spreading and catching germs while traveling, keep your hands clean.  Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes are a total godsend and should be your best friend when you’re hitting the road.  Use them to disinfect your hands and wipe down common areas and shared items. Just keep in mind that hand sanitizers do not replace soap and water.


6. Prioritize sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep when they’re on vacation. With so many things to do and sites to see, sleep is usually the last thing on the list. However, not getting enough rest puts a serious damper on your festivities. Sure, vacations are a time to explore and have fun but it’s also a time to decompress and unplug from the world.  Whether you adjust your sleep schedule to new time zones or catch a few zzz’s during the day, having quality rest is critical in maintaining good health and overall wellness. So, take advantage of this time to fully rest and recharge – your mind and body will thank you for it. 


Although these self-practices might sound simple and even trivial to some, using these tips can truly make a world of a difference when you're traveling. Even if you don't apply all 6 to your travel regimen, it's always better to use some than none, yes? So, when you're ready to go on another travel adventure this season, remember to not only have fun but to also prioritize your health and wellbeing. Happy, safe travels!

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Traveling This Summer? 6 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself
Traveling This Summer? 6 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself

Posted on July 21 2021

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