100% Organic Cotton Net Bag


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Help prevent plastic waste and reduce your environmental impact with our adorable net bag! Strong, durable, and versatile, our net bags are made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% organic cotton.

Also comes in gorgeous shades of Taupe


Reliable & Durable - Unlike flimsy plastic bags, our net bags are strong and can carry a lot more items at one time. They're highly stretchable and fits comfortably over the shoulder.

Reusable - A great alternative to single-use plastic bags and helps eliminate waste.

Multi-Purpose - Can be used for shopping, carrying everyday items, storage, and more. 

        We created our reusable net bag to help reduce single use plastic consumption.  By swapping to reusable shopping bags, you'll help prevent plastic waste and reduce your environmental impact. 

        By choosing GOTS certified cotton, you're not only choosing to keep away harmful chemicals, pesticides, and toxic dyes used in the processing of conventional cotton but also minimizing the impact of your purchase on the planet.  GOTS goes far beyond verifying the organic farming process to include every step of manufacturing. 

          Hand wash separately with cold water and mild soap. Lay flat or hang to dry. 

          Our net bags are made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

          Certified 100% Organic Cotton.

          consciously handmade - eco friendly - 100% organic - made in USA