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Tao Radiance

Authentic Jade Roller Set


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Firm, tighten, and fade away fine lines with this gorgeous jade roller set from Tao Radiance, a brand that delivers thoughtfully created skincare tools for the conscious beauty lover. 

This set makes a wonderful gift for any beauty lover on your list.  Used by ancient Chinese aristocracy to keep their skin looking youthful, precious jade rollers have returned to become a modern-day beauty favorite. This tool is an easy and luxurious way to erase fine lines and wrinkles while reducing puffiness and improving your overall skin tone.  It also helps improve blood circulation, shrink pore size, improve skin elasticity, reduce dark undereye circles and promote lymphatic drainage all while keeping your skin looking youthful.  Each piece of jade is carefully carved, polished and assembled with the utmost care.   

Each set comes with:

- Free mini jade roller - Free velvet storage pouch Free illustrated how-to booklet


NoteNo two jade rollers are the same which makes each jade roller unique in color and cut. 


100% certified genuine jade stone - expertly crafted in canada 

3.8 oz

+ Improves blood circulation and skin tone

+ Helps your favorite skincare products absorb deeper

+ Rolls away puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines

+ Reduces dark under eye circles

+ Tightens and reduces pore size

+ Improves elasticity of the skin

+ Promotes lymphatic drainage which reduces toxins



This product is not intended for use as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.  Any questions about your health should be addressed with your healthcare provider.

Diligence is key!  Keeping a consistent skincare routine with your jade rollers will help to treat wrinkles and even out your skin tone more effectively.  For the best results, use your jade roller every day. 

Beauty Tip 1: Place your jade roller in the fridge the night before to further help with de-puffing your skin the next morning.

Beauty Tip 2: We suggest wearing a sheet mask and jade rolling on top of it so the serum from the mask absorbs into your skin on a deeper level. 

Beauty Tip 3: If your jade roller happens to squeak when rolling, add a few drops of skincare oil on the metal prongs that hold the roller together. 

made of 100% certified genuine jade stone