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Sunset Hydrating Toner Mist


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A former surfer and extreme athlete, Jun Lee, incorporated the principles of herbal healing into her EiR products, an all-natural, clean, unisex skincare line for people with active lifestyles. 

Hydrate, refresh and tone thirsty skin with the Sunset Hydrating Toner Mist.  Formulated with aloe and rose-infused witch hazel, this mist deeply tones and quenches sun-parched skin.  It also doubles as a deeply nourishing sunblock remover! Great for all skin types.


100% all natural - paraben free - chemical free - artificial fragrance free - cruelty free - crafted in usa

4 oz

Formulated with aloe and rose-infused witch hazel that hydrates, refreshes and tones skin

+ Doubles as a deeply nourishing sunblock remover!


Key ingredients:

*Witch Hazel - Contains tannins, a natural astringent that removes excess oil from skin, reduces inflammation and redness. Balances PH to clear acne. 

Rose Hydrosol - A by-product of Rose essential oil making, it is very hydrating and antiseptic. It helps tightens the pores and helps lighten hyperpigmentation. The fragrance, balances mood. 

Aloe - Contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs damaged skin.

Jasmine Essential Oil - Helps in treating dry or dehydrated skin, eczema, dermatitis, and reducing the appearance of age spots.

Geranium Essential Oil - Promotes cell growth, helps to recycle dead cells, and supports the regeneration of new cells.

Spritz the Sunset Hydrating Toner Mist onto face, avoiding the eyes.  Let it air dry or gently remove with a cotton ball.

witch hazel*, filtered water, rose water, aloe, essential oils.

* organic ingredients


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