Beauty From Around The World

We traveled from the searing hot deserts of Las Vegas to the exotic wonders of Asia and other parts of the world in search of the finest beauty and wellness products. From wildcrafted and certified organic products to socially and ethically conscious beauty brands, we’ve selected the very best from around the globe just for you.

Clean & Natural Beauty

We’ve got super high standards and we’re not afraid to say it. We believe in giving you products that are actually good for you. We seek out brands that use safe, ethically sourced, and sustainable ingredients. Every item is hand-picked and tested by our team to ensure its integrity, safety, efficacy and quality. We stand by our commitment to never carry products with known harmful ingredients. And we refuse to carry brands that test on our furry friends.


Beauty is more than just external appearance. It goes much deeper. It encompasses the entirety of you as a person – your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

I believe that beauty is the state of your mind, body & soul.

It’s about creating balance and harmony by nurturing your whole self. My holistic approach to beauty and wellness played a tremendous role in my journey to better living and it's what ultimately inspired me to curate a space that reflects my love and deep appreciation for culture and tradition.

I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned along the way can inspire you to make even the smallest change in the way you take care of yourself – from the inside out and everything else in between.