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Baja Zen

Exfoliating C-Boost Raw Face Mask


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Detoxify your skin with the C-Boost Raw Face Mask from Baja Zen, a tropic-inspired brand dedicated to indulging the senses. 

Your skin can use a major detox session every now and then.  This all-natural raw face mask intensely exfoliates and detoxifies to reveal a brighter complexion.  A blend of detoxifying clays works to refine pores, improve skin’s texture, and revitalize the complexion with nutrients from both earth and sea.  So, treat your face to a deep cleanse.  Your skin will thank you. 


Ultra-Boost Tip: This raw mask can be customized to suit your specific skin needs. Try replacing water with skin-boosting apple cider vinegar, which contains alpha hydroxy acids & is high in vitamin C.  For additional healing and beautifying properties, add a drop of your favorite essential oil (we love tea tree, lavender, and neroli).


all natural  -  paraben free  -  sulfate free  -  cruelty free  -  made in usa 

4 oz / 113 g  (makes 15-20 masks)

+ Deeply cleanses and intensely exfoliates skin

+ Refines pores, improve skin’s texture, and revitalizes the complexion

+ Restores radiance and gives you an instant youthful-glow 

Mix 1.5 tsp of raw mask with 3 tsp of water or apple cider vinegar to form a smooth paste.  Apply to cleansed, dry skin and let set until dry.  Rinse with warm water and cloth, buffing polishing grains in circular motions for optimal exfoliation.

Note: It's normal for this mask to cause temporary skin redness after rinsing.

bentonite, montmorillonite (french green clay), sea silt (sea clay), sodium chloride (sea salt), activated charcoal, pumice, prunus armeniaca (apricot) seed powder, spirulina maxima (spirulina) powder