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Malie Organics

Botany Beauty: Hydrosol Facial Tonic


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Close your eyes and enjoy the tropical aromatic experience of the Hydrosol Facial Tonic from Malie, a Hawaiian luxury beauty brand that offers an extraordinary line of natural & organic products embodying the botanical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Crafted with 100% pure jasmine and rose hydrosols, this multifunctional botanical water is a must-have in your daily beauty ritual.  Rose and jasmine's natural astringent properties help reduce the appearance of pores, cleanse your skin and minimize oil production throughout the day.  It neutralizes the skin and soothes any redness and irritation. It's a great setting spray for makeup application and can also be used on your hair to revitalize curls and control frizz.  In addition, this facial tonic contains aromatherapeutic properties that help lift up your mood, calm stress and enhance your sense of beauty.  


100% all natural - fragrance free - cruelty free - vegan - paraben free - sulfate free - phthalate free - petrochemical free - mineral oil free - silicone free - PEG free - gluten free - artificial free - crafted in Hawai'i

50 ml / 1.7 oz

+  Helps reduce the appearance of pores, cleanses the skin and minimizes oil production throughout the day

+ Neutralizes skin while soothing any redness and skin irritation 

+ Aromatherapeutic blend helps lift the mood and calm stress and enhance wellbeing

+ Gently mist over the face to neutralize skin, remove residual oils, and refresh the skin throughout the day.

+ After makeup application, mist tonic over the face to set it. 

+ Spray in hair to revitalize curls and control frizz/unruly hair.

+ Calm your mind and enhance your mood with its aromatherapy essence.

100% Pure Jasmine & Rose Hydrosol