Detoxifying Wild Nettle Tisane Tea

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Hand-picked and shade-dried, nettle leaves act as an all-natural powerful body detoxifier. Supercharged with astringent, antiseptic, and diuretic capabilities, it's an absolute wonder in regenerating and balancing the body system. Nettle tea can help improve blood circulation, treat acne, inflammation, and other skin disorders by detoxifying the body from the inside out.

Social Impact: 

These Ayurvedic herbs have been carefully gathered at soaring altitudes of the Himalayas by micro-credit and women self-help groups. Through these partnerships, marginalized producers are enabled to engage with urban markets on fair terms. 

3.5 oz / 100 g

  • Supercharged with astringent, antiseptic and diuretic capabilities
  • May help treat acne, inflammation, and other skin disorders by detoxifying the body from the inside out.  
  • May help regenerate and balance the system
  • May  help improves blood circulation


Add a pinch or two of the loose-leaf tisane to a pot filled with freshly boiled water.  Leave to brew for around 4-5 minutes, allowing the herb to infuse the water and release the delicate, aromatic grassy notes.  Allow yourself the luxury to sit back, take pause and sip with serenity. 

Store in a cool, dry place.  Use within 12 months of opening. 

Himalayan urtica dioica (Himalayan young nettle leaves) §, looseleaf. 

§ wild-harvested: grown wild in nature without human intervention and harvested following wildcrafting guidelines.


100% Himalayan young nettle leaves- caffeine free - chemical free - additive free - preservative free - cruelty free - vegan - handcrafted in India