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Himalayan Healing Bath Salts

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This artisanal blend combines healing Himalayan pink salts infused with 13 exquisite oils, laced with soothing powdered rose quartz crystals to melt away stress and bring the body back into alignment.  Rich in trace minerals, these luxurious healing salts help detoxify the body, soothe sore muscles and restore balance.  


Note: Salts come in a gorgeous reusable steel vessel accompanied with a beautifully engraved spoon!

16.2 oz / 460g 

  • Melts away stress and brings the body back into alignment
  • An aromatic infusion of sweet blood orange, geranium, lavender, and sandalwood uplifts the senses
  • Rich in trace minerals that help detoxify the body, soothe muscles and restore balance

Place a handful of salts (approx 50g) into running water and immerse yourself for 15 minutes to allow the healing elements time to absorb into the skin. 

Drink plenty of water or tea to rehydrate.

Use once or twice a week and ideal for taking on your travels to diminish the impact of jet lag by simply using as a foot soak.   

Himalayan salts, geranium, sweet blood orange, grapefruit, lime, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense, Himalayan cedarwood. turkish rose, jasmine sambac absolute, rose otto, vanilla absolute, lavender, rose quartz crystals. naturally occurring allergens: citronellol, geraniol, linalool, eugenol, cinnamal, benzyl alcohol and farnesol.

no synthetic fragrances - no parabens - no silicones - no mineral oils - no sulfates - no phthalates - handcrafted in England