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Mauli Rituals

Brain & Beauty Set


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Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic principles, the Brain & Beauty Set includes powerful blends to achieve balance and radiance from the inside out naturally. This set makes a perfect gift to give yourself or others.


The Brain & Beauty Set includes:

  • Brain and Beauty Alchemy 3.5 oz / 100 g
  • Surrender Infusion Herbal Tea 2 oz / 60 g


100% natural - ethically sourced - hand blended in england  

Brain and Beauty Alchemy

100% natural adaptogenic blend 

+ Helps aid a healthy digestive system

+ Sharpens concentration and memory

+ Eases anxiety

+ Restores radiance

+ Decongests and clears toxins from the body

+ Boosts your energy levels in the day

+ Supports deeper sleep at night

Surrender Infusion Herbal Tea

Crafted with calming herbs to soothe the nerves and quiet an anxious mind

+ Detoxifying blends work to release emotional and physical toxins, encourage calm and clarity for a restful sleep.


Mauli Brain & Beauty Alchemy & Surrender Infusion Herbal Tea are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.  Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before use. 

Brain and Beauty Alchemy

+ Sprinkle a teaspoon of Brain & Beauty Alchemy on your cereal, salad, morning smoothie, warm water or hot drink. 


Surrender Infusion Herbal Tea

+ Fill a teaspoon or strainer with Surrender and steep in a cup of boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

+ Store in cool, dry place and use within 6 months of opening.

Brain and Beauty Alchemy

triphala: blend of 3 fruits of amalaki (emblica officinalis), bibhitaki (terminalia belerica) & haritaki (terminalia chebula), brahmi (centella asiatica), tulsi (ocimum sanctum), fennel (foeniculum vulagarae), cinnamon (cinnamomum verum)

Surrender Infusion Herbal Tea

Green tea China - Sencha, Gunpowder, Fog tea, Pai mu tan, Jasmine, Flavour, Rosebuds, Marigold blossoms, Cornflower blossoms.