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Jade Face Roller


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The jade face roller is the perfect beauty tool for the holistic beauty lover.  This precious stone revitalizes your skin to help you feel refreshed & awake all throughout the day.  The gentle pressure and movement of jade rolling boosts circulation, sweeps away toxins, and fights off puffiness and swelling.  Regarded as the ultimate beauty tool in Eastern medicine, the jade roller is still widely used for its ability to massage, tone, and detoxify the skin. 


Note: Jade rollers come in a wide spectrum of color and marbling from light milky green to deep royal green. Your roller may or may not be the same color shown in this photo.  It'll have its own unique coloration patterns and marbling from white to black embedded in the stone.  


  • Boost circulation, firms, and plumps the skin
  • Rid your skin of toxins via lymphatic drainage
  • Tone and massage your face
  • Smooth out wrinkles
  • Brighten and clarify your complexion
  • Help reduce puffiness and facial swelling
  • Help increase the absorption of skincare products into the skin 
  • Relax facial muscles at the end of a busy day.   



This product is not intended for use as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.  Any questions about your health should be addressed with your healthcare provider.

1. Liberally apply a serum, face oil, mask or moisturizer.

2. Begin in the center of the face and gently pull away toward the edges. 

3. Begin at the corner of the nose and pull the roller across the cheekbones.  Then move down the upper lip and pull across the cheeks.  Do the same with your chin and glide across the jawline. 

4. Move the roller to the center of the forward, moving towards the hairline. 

5. Gently massage the under eye area using the small roller.

6. Perform 2-5 minutes daily.  


Note: *Handle with care 

Beauty Tip 1:  For an extra cooling effect, store your roller in the fridge or freezer to fight puffiness and swelling.

Beauty Tip 2:  If your roller starts to squeak, add a drop to both sides of the metal holding the roller in place to reduce the noise. 

Made of 100% certified genuine jade stone


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