Moonlit Skincare

'Let Me Sleep' 100% Silk Eye Mask


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Add a touch of luxury to your bedtime ritual with this 100% High-Grade Mulberry Silk sleeping eye mask.  Interior pitch-black paneling blocks out distracting light to ensure you get a good night's rest.  An adjustable elastic strap ensures a comfortable fit for all head sizes.  Soft and foldable, it's easily portable for those who seek quick respites through meditation, relaxation or power naps throughout the day.


Great for: 

  • All skin types
  • Sensitive skin
  • Aging skin
  • Cat-nappers
  • Travelers
  • New mothers
  • Power nappers
  • Side-sleepers 
  • Helps you fall and stay asleep.
  • Eye masks are the simplest and most effective ways to sleep better.

Adjust the eye mask strap to ensure maximum comfort and fit.  Use it right before you sleep and feel deeply rested by morning. 

100% high-grade mulberry silk