Epically Embroidered

Reusable 100% Cotton Flannel Face Rounds


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These reusable, zero-waste face rounds are soft to the touch and get more absorbent with every washing. They're made of 4 layers of soft flannel and can be used in place of expensive disposable makeup remover wipes and cotton balls.  These face rounds can be used to apply toner, wipe away mascara, and can be used in your personal first aid kit! Each pad is generously sized in 3-inch circles.

Comes in a pack of 6

Apply product to facial rounds and gently massage onto skin. For best results, wash between each use. Place rounds in a laundry mesh bag before putting them in the wash. Lay flat to dry.

Note: Do not use fabric softeners. 

+ Reusable and sustainable alternative 

+ Inexpensive and lasts a long time

+ Made of super soft flannel that's gentle for the skin

100% cotton flannel

Nicole Terral took a leap of faith and launched Epically Embroidered after quitting her dead-end job.  She now creates eco-friendly reusable face rounds, reusable paper towels, reusable nursing pads, and custom embroidery!